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5 things men do not consider attractive in women

5 things men do not consider attractive in women

It’s fairly easy for women to notice all the flaws in other women, whether it is her outfit, her hair or her makeup; anything amiss will surely be noticed by women. But one does ponder; do men see the same things as women do? Do they find different things unattractive about women that other women may not notice? The truth? They do. Here are five things that can set that record straight –

  1. Extreme hairdos: Yes, men find hair that is super-teased with gel or hair spray very unattractive. Men prefer hair that is long, soft, and shiny clean.
  2. Cake-y Faces: Makeup overly used can make a woman’s face look fake and completely devoid of natural emotions. A thin layer of makeup is ok, one that is easily blended with the skin tone, but too much is simply unacceptable.
  3. Bad Dental Hygiene: This is unacceptable to everyone. Having yellow teeth and/or bad breath is a turn-off to men. If this is an area you need to focus on for yourself, then cut down on coffee, ditch the cigarettes, and embrace whitening toothpaste, plus fresh mints.
  4. Dark Lips: Men do not like dark, dark lipstick. It not only makes you look older, but sometimes lipstick can stick to teeth which is very unpleasant to see.
  5. Too much perfume: Yes, too much of anything is bad and too much of perfume can really put men off. Choose a subtle perfume especially if you are going on a date.

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